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About Us

Heart 360 Care emerged from Dr. Nikhil’s steadfast commitment to delivering world class, comprehensive, state of the art and compassionate care. Dr. Nikhil was born in Kumbakonam and raised in Chennai. He graduated as a Gold Medalist in MBBS before embarking on a challenging yet transformative journey to train in the United States, under the tutelage of the best cardiac surgeons in the world. He trained in their premier institutions such as Harvard University, Ohio State University, Vanderbilt University and Temple University. His rigorous training encompassed all aspects of Cardiac Surgery including mechanical assist devices, Lung and Heart Transplantation. He graduated Top of his class in Cardiac Surgery and was recognized internationally as the “Best Basic Science Researcher” by the SSO.

After completing all his training, he established a thriving Cardiac Surgical practice in the State of Pennsylvania, where he earned acclaim as one of Pennsylvania’s “Top Doctors”. Dr. Nikhil was one of the busiest Robotic Heart Surgeons in the USA performing over 300 robotic assisted cardiac surgeries. He was also a pioneer in incisionless valve surgeries or transcatheter valve replacement (TAVR/TAVI). He was involved in both the intermediate risk and low risk TAVR/TAVI trials, ushering in a whole new era of transcatheter valve replacement. Having completed over 400 Trans-catheter valve procedures using the Corevalve, Sapien valve and MitraClip, he was involved in a number of new transcatheter valve trials ongoing in the USA. Surgical Afib Ablation is a rare and complicated area of cardiac surgery. Very few surgeons in the world have significant experience in this field performing the Cox Maze IV operation. This expertise positioned him as a national investigator in the Convergent trial. This groundbreaking trial opened avenues for Afib patients to attain a cure through a minimally invasive hybrid technique.

Despite his success in the United States, Dr. Nikhil, a fourth-generation doctor, felt a deep calling to return to his roots. Raised in a family with a strong legacy of medical service, he recognized the profound impact his family had on healthcare in Kumbakonam. His grandfather, a pioneer surgeon in the region, set the foundation for their commitment to patient care, while his father, a Urologist and Kidney Transplant Surgeon, ushered in a new era of hope for renal failure patients in Chennai. Driven by a sense of duty to his fellow Indians and a desire to uphold his family’s tradition of service, Dr. Nikhil made the momentous decision to return to India after 17 years in the United States, leaving behind a lucrative career. Thus, Heart 360 Care was established, with the mission of providing world-class, cutting-edge cardiac care to the people he considers his own.